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Nature- "Ice Queen" by Paula Rafferty

This theme, I have to admit had me stumped! Most of my art quilts over the last two years have been inspire by nature, for this quilt I wanted to try something different. I had several ideas, using techniques and styles I had worked with before, but nothing was exciting or giving me that "OH YEAH" buzz. Time was not on my side, I didn't have the opportunity to play on paper with paint and mixed media techniques to get inspiration.

And then Marijke van Welzen, our newest member posted a link on Facebook about AL generated art, and I thought, that sounds like fun. I then harassed my son, who's studying computer science, into finding some sites or apps for me to play with and off I zoomed, playing around until I had created an image I was happy with. Some more editing in Photoshop and I had an image that I was happy with.

The first of my AL generated images

Some more AI generated images

This is the image that I sent for printing

The reveal deadline is in a few days, I am in France coordinating a SAQA show At EPM (European Patchwork Meeting) and I'm not going to have my piece finished but as least I have something to show! I do want to add texture with stitch, both hand and machine to finish the piece.

Nature 1 finished

Nature 2 finished

Off course I couldn't stop with just one image, I was having such fun, managed two!

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