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Tilly in Paris, 24 x32, 2/2024

When I initially heard about the "What Remains" challenge, I was not enthused. A fellow member told us to think of coffee grinds or fish bones. Not very appealing!

My son, Khristian, sent me a photo of my granddaughter, Tilly, who is 11 years old. She was having lunch outside in a cafe in Paris. It triggered an idea that I could work with.

She is dressed so fashionably with a pink beret and eating a French delicacy, escargots. What remains after the repast is the shells, obviously!

In addition, what remains for Tilly is the memory of a pleasant day in Paris with her family. This beautiful photo reminds me of my favorite city and why I love it so much.


I used the original photo as my inspiration and altered it using several photo apps. I had the result printed by Spoonflower. I then used the photo as my background and "made Tilly" using Valerie Wilson's portrait techniques, to make her come alive!

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