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Earthing- what?

What is earthing? The Earthing Institute states the following -

Earthing, also known as grounding, allows people to directly connect their bodies with the Earth and use its natural electric charges to stabilize them. Earthing restores an essential electric connection to the Earth, lost over time because of the ways we humans live. Many people go through life with pain and weak health precisely because of this disconnection. When reconnected, people feel, sleep, and look better. They are healthier, with less pain and stress. It restores a broken link to an abandoned natural protector – the Earth’s healing touch.

I won’t pretend to be a steady practitioner of walking barefoot outside, I may be too old for that, but when I come 100 feet from a body of water, specifically the ocean, I want to put my bare feet in the wake of the waves, to feel connected to the ocean.

SunRise on Coastal Delaware USA

After decades of suburban living I am now a coastal person. I must get to the shoreline weekly, or at very least see the sea as I drive to work. I shout a hello as drive over hte inlet that connects the bay to the ocean..

Sitting by the ocean restores me, the warm sand and the relaxing with a book or simply watching the waves roll in and out. There are many feelings associated, the larger world of which I am a part of, feeling connected to those on the other side, or simply the magic pull of tides. As a young woman I would body surf or simply play in the waves. Maturity or an inability to keep balance because of an injury keeps me out ofue the deeper waters, but I still love to feel the pull of the waves.

This work is raw edged appliqué. I made my own textiles with roving fibers and wool locks and sparkly threads. Hand and machine stitched, hand beaded with shells and coral pieces

24” x 36”

Toes in the Sand - Earthing

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