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Come Together - Heather Bennett

The word bridge has a number of definitions, one being, bringing together different groups or opinions. When I started to think about bridges, my thoughts went directly to bridging communities.

In the quilting world, there are many different types of quilters; traditional quilters, hand quilters, machine quilters, modern quilters, contemporary quilters and art quilters, just to mention a few.

It is the love of textiles that brings this community together. I have tried to represent the modern quilters and traditional quilters coming together in their love of textiles.

I tend to create through my thoughts and small diagrams and hope that things work out as I am planning them in my head.

I pieced the left side using neutral and hand dyed fabrics, quilted, painted and hand stitched some areas. The right side was pieced using traditional fabrics and then machine quilted. I then created an acrylic skin of the people arm in arm, then cautiously transferred it to the quilt and adhered it with a textile medium.

Below are a couple of other pictures, one in progress and a close up of the people.

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