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Unité (Victor Hugo) by Anne Bellas

Unité (Victor Hugo), 60 x 80 cm (24” x 32”)

I started working on this theme last summer. Then came proposals for 3 solo shows for spring 2024, and as I'm currently in charge of SAQA's European branch and don't have 10 hands, I couldn't meet the deadline. But here's my finished piece, better late than never 🙂

Vintage cottons, home-dyed and printed, then machine pieced.

I was inspired by a poem by Victor Hugo that I've loved since childhood. I wanted to show the link between the sun's rays and those of the flower. 

PS: I had one mishap, will you find it?


Over the horizon of burnished hills,

The sun, that flower of infinite splendors,

Leaned over the earth in the sunset hour;

A humble daisy, blooming at the edge of a field,

On a gray wall, crumbling among the wild oats,

White bloomed its candid halo;

And the little flower, over the old wall,

Staring into the eternal blue,

The great star spreading its immortal light.

"And I've got rays too!" she'd say to him.

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