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While I really and truly love nature, whether just looking or walking around, I have rarely made quilts about nature in the past decades. I have always been inspired by humans and their actions, emotions and feelings. When thinking about my contribution to Nature, I searched for something that is related to Nature and Humans at the same time.

Europe has experienced the hottest summer since 2003, and Hungary was also struck by heat waves in succession, which then caused many a lake and river to dry out or 'just' to have substantially lower levels. In August I spent 10 days in southwest France, and the plan was, among others, to have a boat trip on the Dordogne in a particularly scenic section. Arriving at the port, we were informed that the boat cannot go upstream, as originally advertised, because the water was so low. This is a section where the usual level is 3 meters - and what we then saw while driving along was people playing knee-deep in water in the middle of the river.

My quilt is entitled Four Summers at the River. It consists of four, largely equally wide strips, with a lush green on the left gradually turning into a pale yellow-white on the right. If you look closely the lush vegetation on the left becomes an almost arid piece of land on the right. The river, which may well be the Dordogne, is a piece of Evolon, painted with acrylics and then stitched in place.

The quilt measures 18" by 24".

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