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A symbolic doorway

This spring, while I was preparing a piece for the European Patchwork Meeting (Through the Tales contest) I unconsciously dreamed of the Windows and Doors for 20Perspectives. While making my quilt on the Sleeping Beauty tale, I realized that this unconscious desire to participate in the group's challenge has influenced me well and that finally I can offer my result for the Windows and Doors collection.

I have been fascinated by the Sleeping Beauty story since I was a child. At first by the romantic elements, the fairies, the blessings and the curse, the prince charming. Later, I thought how lucky she is to be able to sleep and not go to school! But it was as I grew up and became an adult that I understood the symbolism of this initiation tale. It is the story of a 15-year-old girl who pricks herself with a spindle - in flowery language, the first blood means that she becomes a woman. In full physical growth, but very vulnerable, she is not ready to assume this part of herself. She closes herself in a dream, in an impenetrable castle as long as she is immature and not ready for love. Do not look for the prince in this picture! The prince is in her head and he will arrive when she decides. And the story took me back to my own doubts and indecisions as a teenager.

There is a window on this quilt because the Beauty is not entirely cut off from the world around her. But more deeply, I wanted to express her passage through the doorway to adult life.

The quilt measures 120 cm H x80 cm W


Photoshop image processing, fabric printing, painting, fusing, piecing, appliqué, free motion machine quilting

Materials :

Cotton, lace, antique and high fashion embroidery

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