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Window Shopping by Jan Soules

When our new theme of windows came up, I immediately thought of a wonderful photo I had taken in Paris several years ago. It was on a quaint street and staring at me from the window was a mannequin wearing the most beautiful gown. It was vintage, of course!

I started with my photo and altered it with several apps on my ipad. I then overlaid it with other photos and merged them together. Each of the four images is slightly different. Two of the dresses were embellished with beads and one with rosebuds. I placed the four images in an antique window frame and used paint to give it a distressed look. I hope you find my window on your next trip to Paris!

Images printed by Spoonflower 24x32

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1 Kommentar

24. Mai 2022

Very interesting to read more details of your inspiration and to see the final results. Your SAQA spotlight auction piece with this theme was beautiful too.

Gefällt mir
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