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What Remains Challenge- "What's Left?" by Paula Rafferty

What's Changed? 24" wide by 32" height

This is not the quilt that I intended to create for this challenge, I had something completely different in mind! I was on my way to creating another Memento Mori quilt, I had researched some painting techniques that I wanted to try and had lots of ideas floating around my head.

But as life and work caught up with me, I started to think about all the quilts that I have created over the years, what remains of them?

Most of them are rolled and packed away, some of them unseen for many years, and I thought what a shame.

I've become very conscious of my consuming of late and the staggered amount of "Stuff" that I have acquired over the years. I really don't want to add to it, I want to reduce it.

I have recycled quilts before and decided it was time to do so again. I cut sections from two previous quilts and reassembled them, stripping off bindings to reuse

These are the sections that I choose to use.

And this is what is left over, still the makings for another few quilts!

I used one the the hanging sleeves to join the sections together, applying a binding to the back as I worked.

The binding was pieced from old binding strips and some hand stitching will be added to finish the piece.

Details of finished piece

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