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Tower of Hope

Size 24 " (61 cm) wide by 30 " (76 cm) long

This was among my favourite challenges. The colour I chose was red orange. My process changes slightly dependant on the theme. For this theme I wanted to use a range of red orange colours and values. I used the Joen Wolfram ultimate 3 - in- 1 colour tool to select colours and values.

This is my final fabric choice using the colour tool. For this work, I wanted the full range of values.

I often use my own photos for art work design.

I chose this image (converted into grey scale) which I took at the Canadian museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Here is a link to the information about the building.

It's a fascinating read. The photo I chose is of the Israel Asper Tower of Hope. I also chose this as an appropriate name for my artwork.

Here is a photo of my work in progress. I built it by sections which I trimmed at the end so they would fit together.

Making this work has reinforced my preference for line and colour.

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