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The Yellow Drawbridge

The Yellow Drawbridge by Jan Soules

16 X 22 inches

Completed January 2022

When the bridge topic was selected for our project, I immediately thought of all the photos I have taken of bridges, both at home and during my travels.

Bridges play an important part in our lives.

They carry us from one place to another or we can cross under a bridge to continue our journey. Either way, they can be simple or complex, long or short, or famous or ordinary.

I decided to choose a bridge from my 2015 trip to Amsterdam. I took advantage of traveling across the city by canal boats. I took several photos along the way.

I recently discovered some information about my “bridge”. It is called “The Walter Suskindbrug” and was built in 1906. It is a very photographic drawbridge situated near the Amstel River.

I used a “semi-realistic” style. I preserved the actual integrity of the image but added my own color choices. I also digitally printed the kiosk and boat to add to the realism. This quilt is pieced and fused using cotton fabrics. Shiny tulle was scattered in the water to make it shimmer. I hope my bridge is one you may encounter in the future and enjoy passing under it, or walking across, especially on a clear, sunny day in this beautiful and art inspired city!

Original Photo June 30th 2017

For Contact information Jan Soules

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