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Sturdy Bridges - Sidnee Snell, USA

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I have been working with bridge imagery for about 10 years. More accurately, I’ve been working with one bridge’s imagery – The Steel Bridge in Portland Oregon. My love affair began one day as I was walking across the bridge and noticed the effect that time, weather, and graffiti artists had on the structure; the rivets were particularly fascinating.

When the theme of Bridges was selected, at first I thought I’d move on to another bridge. Or at least a different part of this bridge. But after three years away, I decided to allow a familiar theme to be my bridge back into making art.

I also wanted to acknowledge the importance of the individual components. We often look at a bridge as a whole and admire the feats of the architectural or engineering masters. But what about the builders and maintenance workers who weld, paint, and keep our bridges standing and safe?

I think of 20Perspectives as a bridge and all its members are the rivets and beams that hold it together. Perhaps we are bridging people.

bridge person /brij/ /ˈpərs(ə)n/ Someone who spans two cultures and consciously seeks to facilitate an exchange between the two.


image original and edited photos of weathered beams and rivets
First: original photo and edited image

images of posterized image and outlines (think paint by numbers)  of weathered beams and rivets
Next: posterized image and outlines (think paint by numbers)

Images of partial and complete quilt top
Bit by bit, the fabric is added.

Images of completed completed quilt and a detail
Finished! (full and detail)
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