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It starts with an observation - Sidnee Snell, USA

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

My art-making is part of an ongoing, internal conversation where I attempt to answer the questions “What am I seeing? Why do I keep looking?” An everyday, often overlooked, object or view captures my attention and begs for further exploration. So, I photograph it.

Each of my pieces begins with a digital image. I am inexorably attracted to odd angles and effects of light, and to close-up views. I edit and manipulate a chosen image on the computer until I uncover the focus of my interest.

Sometimes I find an untold story. Other times, it is simply the interaction of color, texture and shape that appeals to me. I use fabric and stitch to re-create the manipulated image and to draw the viewer in for a closer look. I hope to tempt the viewer to reach out and touch the piece (although I suggest resisting that temptation).

I consider my work to be representational, although much of it appears abstract. By presenting the subject broadly, through the elimination of details, I create an impression of the subject rather than a photorealistic re-creation.

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