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Ring Don't Ring - Sidnee Snell, USA

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Ring Don't Ring by Sidnee Snell 24x32 inches / 61x81cm

With every challenge I try something new. This time is was whole cloth quilting on a printed piece of fabric that I designed. This piece is derived from previous work I have done that features the same telephone.

I converted the color of a previous quilt into grayscale and re-arranged the elements ever so slightly to fit the size requirements. I had it printed and then quilted it.

I had it printed and then I quilted it.

Although an interesting experience, I'm not sure that I'll repeat it. I missed the challenge of identifying the 'goldilocks' pieces of fabric to appliqué in just the right spot and the feeling of watching the image develop color after color - almost like watching an old polaroid develop after coming out of the camera.

I do have at least one more experiment to execute that starts with a whole cloth image. Maybe I can combine the best experiences of appliqué with the best of whole cloth?

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