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Monochrome? Oh really?

Monochrome? Oh really? © Alexandra Kingswell, 2023

How does someone like me, who will, in a single piece of work, happily use every colour she can lay hands on, respond to a challenge like “Monochrome”?

Well, we are allowed a little of another colour, so I will go for contrast - for maximum impact from a relatively small amount contrasting fabric. I will see what I can do simply with hue - there will be no texture (although I have used a small amount of orange self-dyed fabric) and all of the pieces will be the same size and shape...

I have started with 169 squares, 164 of them are in beautiful, calming and recessive blues, while just 5 of them are fiery, dominant yellows. I cut out my shapes.

The yellow shouts and will not accept a minor role! It screams, “Look at me!”.

The blues seem happy with this arrangement. They are brought alive by just that small amount of contrasting colour.

Here, I’m returning to a favourite, but effective technique.

With just 7 colours, I’m aiming for maximum visual effect.

Monochrome? Oh really? © Alexandra Kingswell, 2023 24 inches square

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