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Monochrome- Aqua

Aqua 24"x32"

Liking the idea and theme of a challenge is one thing, executing it is another!

I had lots of ideas, did my usual mind-map, played with some paint and textures and did some research.

But something was bugging me, I couldn't get a collar that I was happy to call "Aqua".

So I googled "the colour aqua" and found that there were a lot of shades, hues and tints of aqua, blue aquas and green aquas!

Well that didn't help very much!

I needed to find my idea of Aqua, and that is a colour found in the sea, most notably while swimming in Whitestrand in Co. Clare. If I close my eyes I can still see the beautiful clear water and I can feel that feeling that stirs within me when I experience such beauty and feel a deep connection to this amazing planet that we live on.

To recreate this, not so easy and I was running out of time.

I decided to use the process that I have been playing with recently, I created an image in an ai app (artificial intelligence) and played with it in Adobe Photoshop until I was happy with the result, then off it went to the printers. Next onto my longarm for some intuitive quilting

Image created in ai app

The colour aqua embodies deep feeling within, it represents the sea and all the mystery that goes with such vast mostly unexplored world. Everything is different underwater, weight, sound vision. The depth of open water terrifies me, what's down there, how big is it, what size teeth?! I understand the draw and fear associated with open waters, imagine how our ancestors created magical creatures, myths and legends surrounding bodies of water.

These are the feelings that I have tried to express in this piece, the wonder and magic of water.

Details of Aqua

Along with our main challenge piece we agreed to produce a smaller piece to be included in a group quilt, here is my small quilt below.

To see more of my work please visit

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