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Modern Gothic - Sidnee Snell, USA

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Modern Gothic by Sidnee Snell 24x24 in / 61x61 cm

Technology has changed our societal landscape.

The question is, has it helped or hindered? Yes, we can work faster and easier. But are we more at ease or simply caught up in a constant hustle. Yes, we can communicate with friends and co-workers all over the world from the comfort of our own home or office. But do we have deeper relationships or is it all gloss and glitter, likes and followers. And artificial intelligence is writing our letters, composing our music and creating our art.

In a physical sense, Google, Amazon, and Meta have changed the landscape of the city of Seattle. South Lake Union (home to some of their campuses) has been filled with high rise apartment buildings, offices and trendy restaurants. How much longer will the iconic Space Needle last?

The background of this piece is constructed from an on-demand print of the Seattle skyline that has been cut up and re-assembled algorithmically. The gargoyle busily working on its computer is based on a small statuette the I hold near and dear to my heart.

On-demand fabric print of Seattle skyline from photo by Nilanjan Bhattacharya

Fabric cut up and ready for reassembly.

Almost completed background (arrow points to Space Needle)

Gargoyle photo and work in progress

Sidnee Snell

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