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Mary Kay Fosnacht - Introduction

Born in Chicago and raised in the western suburbs, I learned to play piano on a very old upright that was gifted to my family. That led to my earning degrees in Sacred Music and Music Education from Illinois Benedictine University.

When I later learned that both Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee found a musical correlation in their art I understood the connection. Although I don’t hear music in my head as I create, as Kandinsky claimed to have done, I do try to make compositions that are balanced and tell the story I’m trying to covey.

For the last 20+ years, I have been happy to call Kansas my home. It has been a great place to create art and raise our 2 children, now grown. I enjoy the vibrant and generous community of artists, many of whom are fiber artists, that are here.

I began making quilts shortly after the move to Kansas. As I like to say, “my husband went to work, the kids went to school, and I went to the fabric store!” At the store, I stumbled across a book with a quilted piano on the cover and knew I had to make it. That first quilt turned into many other music inspired pieces.

“Playin’ the Blues” (2016)
32” x 21.5” (81cm x 55cm)
Original work inspired by a photo, dye painted and appliqued

I made many bed quilts from patterns but quickly gravitated to my own designs. I am inspired by the “modern” aesthetic - solid color fabrics, use of negative space and bold geometric shapes. I began with landscapes and representational work but now take a more abstract approach. I enjoy taking a concept or theme and telling the story in terms of color and design.

The proud recipient of many local and national awards, I have had art quilts juried into museum and art gallery exhibits and currently have a piece traveling with SAQA’s global “Ebb and Flow” exhibit.

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