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Marshland by Jan Soules

When the nature theme was chosen, I thought of the natural environment, especially in the surrounding areas of my home.

Marshland is based on my photo, taken at the nearby Consumes River Preserve. Having lived in Elk Grove, California for almost 20 years, I only recently discovered it. It is only 20 minutes away!

Last year I was unable to walk due to knee and back issues. This spring I was once again mobile, and decided it was time to explore. The preserve is fascinating: it changes dramatically from week to week. There is something unexpected around every twist and turn. There used to be a pond for birds and geese, but it has dried up due to lack of rain and the intense heat we have been experiencing.

My husband and I usually go for an early Sunday morning walk, while it is still cool. On the way home we stop for fresh strawberries at a local stand. The a stop at Starbucks, It is a good way to start the day.

My quilt will serve as a reminder of these treasured memories. Simple, but pleasant, and not to be missed!

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