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Marble Caves

The greatest challenge throughout has been to photograph the colour - teal - I have selected. This is the reason why all photos in this post appear to be different: however much I tried editing my camera and phone photos, I kept at arriving at different shades, none of which may be a true reflection of the quilt.

When I opted for teal, I had no idea at all what I will make, however I have always seen this piece as part of a collaborative quilt. I have always envisaged a future exhibition where my piece would perfectly fill in the gap between green and blue. I had no intention of conveying a 'meaning', other than being a nice expanse of teal.

The process began dyeing a range of teal shades. I must confess this is the second attempt as the first version turned out to be more blue than desired. As I was working on mixing the "right" colur, I suddenly remembered a photo of the Marble Caves in Chile, which I thought may be interpreted in shades of teal only. Accounts say that the colours are subject to water levels, ebb or tide, and other atmospheric factors. Unfortunately I haven't yet seen this, but the Blue Cave outside Capri, Italy, may resemble. And that was an unforgettable sight!

This in-process photo shows how my phone captures the colours without manipulation.

After piecing the top as applique with invisible thread, I added quite dense stitching with a variety of threads to produce further shades of teal.

As said in the introduction, this is still not really colour of my quilt: in reality it is greener and more saturated, and the various shades blend in much more smoothly. I hope some of the readers will have the chance to see it in an exhibition.

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