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Lena Meszaros - Imagination without borders

I am an art quilter from Hungarian and Russian origin, living in France. I discovered art quilts when arriving in France in the nineties. While I was still struggling to learn the language, I started to create personal, figurative scenes, it was my way to communicate with others.

More than having a personal style, I especially love to tell stories with my creations. When I have an idea, I completely immerse myself in it. When younger, I worked in a theater as a playwright, and kept a liking for staging. My quilts are time suspended, an instant when everything stops, but you can always imagine what was happening before, and what will come after. There's an intensity to that precise moment, a delicate one, and sometimes dramatic. Visually, my artworks are also intense, a baroque luxury of details, an abundance of colors and emotions.

I still work full time and I also became a Chi Kung and Meditation teacher. Through time, my quilts became more spiritual, I started to work on my “internal landscapes”, at the border of the real and the unreal.

I am present on social networks (mainly Facebook) in several groups, and I like to participate in collective works (Temperature Quilt 2020 project, curator of the Orient Express project for SAQA Europe/Middle East region).

Most of my art quilts were exhibited at Quilt Expos, the European Meeting of Patchwork in France, several SAQA online and travelling exhibitions, the Festival of Quils in Birmingham (UK), Verona Tessile (Italy), Dubai Quilt Show, “Visuals#1” Mancuso Online Quilt Festival, PAQA “Dreams” in Cary (NC), Fiber Fusions in Lowell (MA), “Fantastic Fibers” Yeiser Art Center in Paducah, KY, at the Festival of Quilts in Houston (TX) amongst others.

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