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Kitchen Windows and My fascination with stovetop

My inspiration photo was taken at a reclaimed architecture store in Baltimore. While waiting for a friend I discovered a cache of vintage kitchen stoves. I snapped photos of the tops of stoves, not knowing why, thinking these images might serve me in art work. No matter how utilitarian a stove is, it is pure function, stoves have style And this collection had a diverse group of patterns that I loved

One thing I love about my life in the kitchen is the beauty of my stainless steel landscape. A commercial kitchen has changed a lot with new technology, but the functioning stays the same. Make meals, cook food, clean up- repeat.

The topic of portals or windows made me think about how we love to look through windows to see another world. Looking out at a storm - looking in at shiny objects of a shop. But my favorite window to watch is the " window" into a restaurant kitchen.

I love to see the busi-ness of the kitchen. Of course the heart of most kitchens is the stove.

The Life of a chef is hot! It’s a dance with flames and steam.

A team sport with spinning plates, a nightly battle with tongs and spatulas

Followed by a speedy retreat and a late night breakfast

Done Daily, Done daily, done daily.

The life of a chef is hot. susan callahan 2019

I love the grids on a stove, even the most mundane of utility appliance has a style.

This one is probably the most modern of all the stoves

This is a segment of the art work, emphasizing the gridwork of the stove.

For this work, I took the images from the stove tops and had them printed on demand on cotton cloth. They were then hand painted and machine stitched. I used variation of a very traditional quilting block- log cabin. I think the repetition of patterns works. with its various shapes and sizes, again very traditional

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