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Alexandra Kingswell: It's all about colour!

Colour! I love it!

... when it creates drama and impact

... when it dances before your eyes

... when it stirs the soul and fires the imagination

... when it shouts, or whispers, or simply sings

My work can be described as a love affair with colour - its effect on mood, its effect on the colours around it, its communication qualities, its power to affect emotions - all so visceral, so intriguing ...

Trained as a graphic designer, I have a deep respect for order, logic and objectivity. The Fibonacci Sequence, which creates beauty and harmony throughout nature, is known to designers and architects as the way to create attractive and satisfying proportions. The Fibonacci sequence is the backbone in most of my work, which is highly logical and mathematical while appearing random. I use strong colours and put them into relationship with each other to see what happens - to see if they can exist harmoniously. Vibrant colours, strong, geometric shapes and the strict application of logical number patterns, then, characterise my work. I trust that if my colour choice and the proportions are right, and the numbers are applied with integrity, then the final piece will be greater than my imagination - and greater than the sum of its parts. This process thrills me!

My aim is to give viewers a joyful and arresting visual experience - to leave them better than I find them. To inspire contemplation. To lift spirits and make people smile! (And also intrigue them a little!).

I live and work in the beautiful county of Derbyshire in the UK.

Above: Memories of Summer © Alexandra Kingswell, 2021

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