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Introducing Marijke van Welzen

My name is Marijke van Welzen

I am from the Netherlands.

I am very happy to join this group!

Textile is my passion, it lends itself to infinite possibilities of expression.

I have recently retired. I have been a school teacher for 40 years I have a in BA Textile Art and in English. I worked part time, middle school.

In 2000 I started making my Art2wear. I found a very inspiring book by Rosemary Eichorn, The Art of Fabric Collage and made my first jacket.

Since then I have made many, many more.

My favourite technique is Textile Collage. Starting with many tiny pieces of fabric, felt and yarn, and colourful machine-threads I 'paint' my designs. I like to combine this with stencilling, stamping and needle-felting.

I love making coats and quilts with a story to tell.

When an idea comes to mind, it has to whirl around in my head before I start working. I look in my stash for materials to use and collect some more….The rest is very intuitive. I use all sorts of surface design techniques. My work constantly evolves as I find new images in my imagination. My coats and quilts travel all over the world. I always look for Calls for Entry to make new pieces for, but only when the theme resonates with me.

You can find me on:

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