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Introducing Cindy Brendzel

Cindy lives in the Mid-West region of the United States. She has been making art with textiles for about 12 years. She’s inspired by her everyday experiences and surroundings to create visual stories. Her favorite subjects mostly fall into two categories:

People: Cindy has done a series of faces she calls her ‘Imaginary Friends.’ While she works she fantasizes what their life is like and creates a ‘backstory’ for each one. She wants to bring forth the spirit of the subject and not create a portrait per se.

Red Hat, 12" x 12"

Places and Locations: Vistas and landscapes always inspire her to hurry to the studio and interpret the view in fabric and stitching. Even quiet domestic scenes, such as a potted plant in the corner of the room have potential. Cindy’s challenge to herself is to see beyond the obvious and create something unique. She doesn’t want to duplicate reality but instead invite the viewer to see things differently.

Distant Mountains, 18" x 20"

Cindy Brendzel,

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