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Ildiko's introduction

When I set up my blog in 2007 and had to come up a caption-like introduction, I wrote: ’Sometimes I teach, sometimes I make quilts. I cannot imagine life without either.’ This holds true up to the present day. My fully rewarding teaching career is happily combined with making art out of fabrics.

Generally my quilts are abstract and colourful, rather minimalist and are often based on improvisation. Some address ideas and concepts that I find important, for example aging or the loss of beauty. Several of my quilts reflect on my Hungarian-ness, inspired by poems, historical events or people in general, but my travels worldwide have also been a source. Recently I have been trying my hands with more figurative quilts.

While I have experience in most trendy processes and materials, I tend to stick with ’traditional’ construction techniques and resources. I love dyeing and painting my fabrics, including the use of natural dyes, and often employ different surface design techniques such as screenprinting and stencilling.

I have been a member of Modern Movement (MoMo), the largest Hungarian art quilt group for over 10 years. In addition to having solo exhibitions in Hungary, my quilts for MoMo have been on display at all prestigious quilt shows in Europe.

This is my most recent quilt entitled The End of Golden Age.

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