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Heather Bennett - Art quilting in rural Ontario, Canada

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

For many years I was a stay at home mom of three children, sewing everything for our home and our wardrobes. Then one day I took a quilting class at a local shop and gave up all other sewing activities to focus on quilting! After about 10 years, I discovered art quilting and that has taken over as my passion.

In March 2020, we moved to our home that we built to retire to isolate from Covid and we have stayed. My husband works from home now and I retired from my job as Office Administrator of one of his medical practises. Now I create full time! My stash was built for a pandemic!

I love colour and creating! I dye a lot of my fabrics and seem to have an over abundance of embellishments. I love the community that develops from common interests and look forward to working in this group-Perspectives.

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