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"Forest Floor" by Kathie R Kerler, 24" x 24"

Several years ago, I made a trip to Multnomah Falls which is located about a half hour’s drive outside of Portland, the city where I live. The site is popular largely because there are several waterfalls to hike to and photograph in the area. Rather than take pictures of them, I photographed fallen leaves. They seemed perfect for our theme titled “What Remains”. Here’s the image I chose as inspiration.

Rather than duplicate the details in the photo, I simplified the shape of the green ground cover and changed the width to meet the maximum quilt requirement of 24". For the background, I chose a fabric with good visual texture and colors that give the impression of the woodsy earth. Two hand-dyed fabrics were selected for the yellow leaf and the withered leaf beneath it.

In-Progress photo:


The motifs were machine-appliquéd. I hand-embroidered around each appliqué and within the two large leaves to provide detail. The background is machine-quilted in a small stipple. Detail shot below.

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