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Days of Tranquility

16" x 32" / 40cm x 81cm

When I first started to think about this challenge I was thinking about all the doors I have photographed on our travels and was thinking of transforming them into an art quilt. Then the war was declared on Ukraine and it felt like that was all I could think about. Thinking about the innocent people of Ukraine, how they had been going about their lives one day and then the next another country had declared war on them.

I have tried to create a portal where we can retreat to simpler and more beautiful times, the iconic Ukrainian sunflowers. I created the quilt using my own snow dyed fabrics that I thought created a look of smoke, fire and destruction. I tore the fabrics into pieces then appliqued them onto a batting, giving the impression of loose ends and the rawness of war. The centre is appliqued sunflowers in bright vibrant batiks, covered with a portal made of silk organza.

I have called this piece Days of Tranquility - “A mechanism used primarily by UNICEF, often in collaboration with WHO, to enable children to have access to health care during conflict, for example to undertake national immunization campaigns or other exclusively humanitarian activities.”

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