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In this piece I would like to pay tribute to La Boca, one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of my hometown, Buenos Aires.

The wood and sheet metal houses are in the style of the traditional "conventillo boquense", a type of precarious popular housing that characterized it since its origins in the late nineteenth century as a center of residence for Italian Genoese immigrants.

For this project I used mostly hand dyed fabrics

I sketched the buildings on the background

and then I started the raw edge appliqué process, rejoicing in the use of vibrant colors

And here´s the final piece!

The colour edges can be likened to what were once population profiles, a period in Argentine history that extended into the first decades of the 20th century when immigrants from all over the world flowed into its almost empty immensities.

Caminito 24 x 24 inches finished quilt

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