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Updated: May 23, 2022

This piece is about building communication and relationships. It can be tentative and erratic, maybe even clumsy at the beginning. The background and structure to work on are still unknown and not well defined.

One piece at a time, a strong bridge between people can be achieved.

I’ve been working lately with small pieces of fabric, many times leftover scraps or when necessary, freehand cut from my fabric stash

The technique is adapted to give me spontaneity and freedom of expression. Every bit of fabric can be added as the result of an impulse or a pondered decision, a quilt as you go collage

I usually don’t do much planning ahead. Just a previous sketch, a loose grid for orientation, and then the piece defines itself as I work

Almost done, but there are always some finishing touches to add, for example, thinner lines that will add depth to the piece

And finished!

One Piece at a Time

40cm x 52cm

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