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Artist: Cindy Brendzel Title: Free Flying

Here is the image of my finished piece for the 'Bridges' challenge. I titled it Free Flying. It measures approximately 20wide x 16high in inches.

When the group first focused on Bridges as the theme for our first piece I immediately got an image in my mind's eye of our work flying around the globe. I drew this very rough sketch while we were still on that phone call....

...and just I went with that. In keeping with the flying idea I didn't imagine a brick & morter structure, but an floating, abstract model. Here is a process photo as I started to create my floating bridge....

Next I started to lay out the flying colored pieces or the imaginary quilts, and took a B&W photo to get a better look at the values....

I did a lot of re-working the pieces at this point until I found the arrangement of the quilts I liked. I machine stitched everything, but then decided it needed more so I did some hand stitched detail.

I didn't think about this at first, but as I was working on this and I wondered were the idea came from to have my Bridge in the sky. I realized that my inspiration must have come from the wide open sky in western Kansas. There you can see a 360 degree horizon. It made perfect sense to me why I put my quilt images in the sky.

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