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Aftermath by Phyllis Cullen

Aftermath 24x32"/60x80cm

"What Remains" came at a time when I was  horrified and grief stricken over the untold damage done by the absolutely despicable subhuman vermin Hamas terrorists who beheaded babies and put them in ovens, raped mothers and children, murdered and, tortured and kidnapped babies and elderly innocent victims and destroyed their homes and families.

I had to respond. After pouring my grief and anger into this piece I realized that it really was very universal. One could see in it the aftermath of all  war, natural disasters, terror, and all forms of wanton destruction by man or nature.

"Aftermath" is a plea for the end of all of this; the ruined lives, the millions badly hurt

and the families destroyed. May the evil ones vanish from the earth and the innocent live in peace. The piece is rough and ragged, a testament to my emotions at what was done to my family. We are all family.

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