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Surviland - Challenge "What Remains"

by Lena Meszaros

What remains of the Coronavirus era? Those years profoundly changed society and people's lives. Fear, anger, anxiety, we went through every emotion. What remains, however, is people's enormous will and creativity to survive. This quilt is a joyful reminder of the confinement period.

The choice to use masks in the quilt was not an easy one. At the start of the epidemic, we didn't have them. Then we started having them and throwing them away. That's when I realized that finally, they're made of fabric... impossible to throw in the trash. So, I had to find a way to recycle them.

I chose to create the life of a building during the Coronavirus time. The building is constructed from bricks, which are the recycled surgical masks. In this building, in each apartment, everyone tries to live, to survive, with the means at hand. It's a style between Richard Scarry's children's books (Busy Busy Town) and comics. I was inspired by the energy of the film Life is beautiful by Roberto Benigni (to express that life can be beautiful in horrible times and it depends on us, our gaze and our action for the others, how we consider it).


Size:H: 80 cm W: 60 cm

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