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Updated: Feb 25, 2023


© Alexandra Kingswell, 2022

We recently relocated. During our first Spring we noticed, with delight, plants coming up in our garden that we had not planted and certainly could not identify. By the middle of Summer, our garden resembled a jungle - with each plant straining sky-wards to catch whatever sunlight it could. ‘Overstocked' would be a kind word to describe our new garden. I take my inspiration for our Nature-themed piece from our new garden, and name it 'Overgrown'.

The curvy piecing you see here arose out of a need to play, rather than work. It has provided many technical challenges for me, but it has been really enjoyable.

As I created the motifs, I realised that the results were suiting our 'Nature' theme.

I painstakingly tested each motif alongside all the others to see what would give me the effect I was seeking to create. Every step of this piece was a design decision. There is no appliqué here - my process is piecing.

Most of my work is very intentionally and uncompromisingly mathematical. I rely heavily on the Fibonacci sequence while arranging my colours.

Not so in this piece.

The Fibonacci sequence is found widely throughout nature, determining numbers of seeds in seed heads, numbers of petals, the angles that leaves grow from a stem, measurements within shells, breeding patterns…

Here, my piece, inspired by our garden (note the irony), is made without any reference to dear Fibonacci and his famous sequence!!! (But who knows what goes on subconsciously inside my head…?).

Overgrown! © Alexandra Kingswell, 2022 31 inches high x 24 inches wide

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