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Nature does nothing uselessly (Aristotle)

‘Beach Garden’

24" x 28 ½" [61 x 72.5 cm]

Julie Haddrick 2022

Traditional owners the Kimberley region of Western Australia; the Yawuru people are proud ambassadors of this diverse and isolated coastal region. Rich in history, culture and indigenous rock art , the region showcases nature at its’ most diverse and finest. A Beachside station stay called ‘Barn Hill’ provided untouched coastlines to camp at and explore. Vast red cliffs and rusty coloured beach sands lap the water’s edge; where Pied oystercatcher birds feed, fish frolic, shells scatter on the waterline and spectacular pink/ purple sand loving flowers bloom. The beach flowers, a pantropical creeping vine create thriving and unique ecosystems along the coast. Ipomoea pes caprae (Yardie morning glory or beach hops ) plants endure salt water and salt air, whilst growing endless runners that bind the soils/sands and helps prevent erosion. Native to Australia, the seeds have dispersed worldwide; the Yardie flowers dispersing their seeds on water, so travel to many coastal regions around the world. Rusted fabric provides the base for this study and hand dyed fabric was created for the sea. Shells, flowers, rocks and birds have been painted as part of my botanical art and nature exploration series.

Detail 1 Detail 2

Materials and techniques:

Whole-cloth technique of artist’s rust dyed and hand dyed fabrics, hand coloured with fabric paint and fabric pens.

Machine thread illustrated with Madeira rayon threads.

Machine pieced and quilted using domestic sewing machine; Bernina 710 and 475.

100% Cotton fabric with pellon (polyester) wadding.

Hand wash in warm water and dry flat in the shade.

Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid contact with food.

Designed & made by Julie Haddrick

Textile Artist and Visual Arts Educator

in Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA 2020


Ph. 0432664420

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