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Let the Light in

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Let the Light in

© Alexandra Kingswell, 2022

Our challenge: Doors, Windows and Portals

I always begin with my colours. And a vague idea of how I want my piece to feel. What colours will express that?

One of my passions is European Medieval architecture. Cathedrals. This is partly because I love their windows.

Windows full of coloured glass.

Glass that lets light in and lets you see out.

Glass that scatters its light, like confetti, on nearby surfaces.

I like old glass - glass that has discolouration and signs of age.

I like new glass - glass that is bright, shiny and clear.

Stained glass windows are usually rich and intense - I choose saturated colours.

And I develop a layout that is suggestive of leaded lights. My preferred process - piecing - is appropriate.

This work will have some of the clean clear feel of new glass, mixed with a feeling of age.

Let the Light in

© Alexandra Kingswell, 2022

32inches x 25inches

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1 Comment

May 24, 2022

The way you’ve pieced the blocks of colour between each leaded area makes the full image appear to have been run through a filter on an app. It wasn’t till I read your post that I realized this is how it looks IRL. very interesting

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