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Introducing Phyllis Cullen

Working in textiles means that the world of visual and actual texture offers me advantages in a way that working in paint alone does not. Therefore I choose to use mostly commercially available fabrics in collage, blending them together to create richness and depth in a way reminiscent of impressionist painting. My colors are expressionist, disregarding "local color" to achieve emotion and story in a loose but representational format. My previous life as a physician (frequently doing volunteer work in developing countries) fuels my interest in the human form, and the human condition, and in the natural world.

I write, teach, exhibit and sell my work internationally. My self portrait shown here (currently on tour in Australia in SAQA's "Beyond the Mirror") reflects my life's work and my current art practice.

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1 Comment

Jenny Crossland
Jenny Crossland
Sep 26, 2023

Hi, I loved your birds I saw at the European quilt show, how did you do them?


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