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Greek village in the Cyclades islands

From the beginning, I wanted to convey the impression I have of this country, which is my second home: the man I have lived next to for over 40 years is Greek.

For me as for most people, the cliché of Greece and especially the Cyclades is blue skies, sea and white houses. So I limited my fabric palette to these colors, adding only a tiny touch of green or brown for the windows. The church, with its round couple and its tower, is of course an obligatory element of the landscape. I chose a very basic quilting to convey the atmosphere of simplicity that emanates from this Cycladic architecture.

1- auditioning the fabrics

2- starting the composition after a rough sketch on paper

3- piecing

4- trying the addition of windows (too many and only blue ones is not a good thing!)

5- quilting

6- appliquéing the windows

Here is the final result of "Village des Cyclades" (Greek Village), 60x60 cm/ 24" x 24"

Both self-dyed and commercial cottons, variegated threads

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