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Creating new bridges

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Creating new bridges

© Alexandra Kingswell, 2022

In the beginning… what am I feeling? What colours express this feeling that as yet has no words? I carefully choose my palette. And I will use the Fibonacci number sequence to inform the design. And so I begin. Heart and head.

I have recently relocated. This piece will be the first artwork I create HERE. It is a bridge between what lies behind me, and what is to come.

At the moment, my life feels full of bridges, not only the physical ones (railway and river) that I cross when I explore my new town - but new bridges that I have to make to keep in touch with existing friends, tentative bridges that I make towards new relationships… it’s all a reaching out, creating connections that I hope will become strong enough to take the weight of future robust interaction and friendship. This is probably all in my subconscious as I begin.

Working at this relatively small size is a challenge for me - another bridge to cross! I know, that in order to create a piece I would be happy with, I would need to first make a large piece. I love working large and enjoyed the outcome of that effort.

The journey into my new town takes me down into a valley and across a bridge. The water flows very quickly and noisily over a weir then under this bridge. It is an exciting place to stand and stare. I think there are echoes of this in my piece.

So what does this work say to me? I think it tells me I am excited by my recent move - it looks, to me, full of lively anticipation! That’s good! I think it has put me in touch with feelings I had not yet articulated.

Creating new bridges

© Alexandra Kingswell, 2022

107cm high x 40cm wide

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