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Bridges- Bogha Báistí (Rainbow) by Paula Rafferty

As we were figuring our this challenge title, I kept seeing rainbows!

They make me smile, I think they’re amazing, and I always imagine what people thought of them in the distant past, they are pretty magical.

No leprechaun jokes please, being Irish and seeing the corny way they are represented makes me cringe.

Research for this project started with the definition of "bridge", the symbolism associated with the term and off course some mind-mapping. Which led me to investigate the word "rainbow". Rainbows are a symbol of hope in many cultures and are frequently represented in Western art and culture, as a sign of hope and promise of better times to come.

Magical is how I see rainbows, I often imagine what people centuries ago thought of them. The photograph used as the basic of this design was taken in a location that is very special to me. I altered the photo digitally and had it printed onto cotton.

I quilted the image intensively using black thread.

Bogha Báistí (Rainbow) finished quilt 18 x 40 inches

Original photo taken using "pano" function on phone

And it begins!

and it continues!!

Bogha Báistí (Rainbow) detail

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