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Antique #Metoo by Lena Meszaros

During our recent vacation to Rome, I fondly revisited Bernini's sculpture "Daphne and Apollo" which, 10 years later, inspired my latest "Antique #Metoo" quilt. To escape Apollo's touching and rape, Daphne turns into wood. Her body becomes a tree trunk, at the end of her hands and arms grow flowers and leaves. She is the only one in mythology to make this choice, to defy the all-powerful gods. My starting image comes from this sculpture, it is a masterpiece, a technical feat, and a delicate lightness.

To create my quilt, I transformed the image in Photoshop, had it printed by Spoonflower, then made my own personal interpretation. It was to go beyond the aesthetic aspect to express the violence one feels during a rape. I sincerely hope that we have, and we will always have the choice. In my younger years, I, like many women, had a non-consensual relationship.

"Antique #Metoo" was created to transcend this history and erase it from my body memory.


Image transformed with Photoshop, printed on sateen by Spoonflower, fusing, acrylic pouring on transparent plastic, Lutradur painted and burned, free motion quilting.

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